Nowadays my heart has become like a mixed bag of emotions, one moment I am happy for no reason and the very next moment I get reminded of something sad & my heart starts to cry. I am not sure which one of it to write about.

The happy stuff- coz c’mon lets accept it, that’s what everyone likes to read. Sad, depressing stuff, no one cares about. Everyone has enough of it in their own lives. But, the sad depressing stuff is what you really want to write about. Writing helps you get over it, atleast that’s what they say. Pen down everything in your mind and heart, abuse if u want to, and move on. I am not the one to give advice on what to do when you are sad, but then I can share a few things which make me feel better.

niyatifriendsTalk to a friend

Stop telling yourself that you are a loner, you don’t like sharing stuff. It’s all bullshit. Come back from your ego trip and tell someone everything. Coz you know you want to. Be brave enough to say it. Trust me it helps!

Listen to music 

Don’t waste time making a playlist. Randomly select all and play. Or tune in to the radio. You’ll be surprised how effective it is! And please for the love of God, don’t listen to sad songs. The world has not come to an end! Don’t force yourself to be sad. Listen to happy cheerful songs.

niyatirainGet Drenched 

Before global warming hits us full on; consider yourself lucky every time it rains! Stop cribbing about the traffic jams and water logging. Be that kid again. Nature has its own way of attracting your attention. The loud rumbling of the clouds is them scolding you to switch off your damn AC, pull down your window, take your head out of the car and enjoy the rain drops fall on your face! Think about your childhood friend, the dance you had together, the puddles you jumped in, the scolding you got from your mom when you went back home, all covered in mud. Think about the walk you had with your love and the kiss that followed!

Watch something funny

Friends, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, there all infinite series and movies willing to help you get out of our sad state! Trust them. I guarantee it won’t take more than 2-3 episodes or 1 movie at best to make you feel better.


And at last STOP telling yourself you are sad. Don’t feel guilty if you smile! You have the right to feel whatever you want. Have your remote in your own hand! And ya always remember no one is worth making you sad! You are the boss of you! Give yourself a chance!

And, finally, I get to make the title of this post, something I truly believe in! 😉