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April 2016


The good old postman

indian postman

A few days back I received a parcel. It wasn’t delivered by the courier boy nor was it a delivery of an online purchase. But it was our good old postman who had brought the parcel. I realised that I rarely see a postman nowadays. Not that they have ceased to exist but because my interactions with them have reduced to almost minimal. Most of the letter delivery was now being delivered by the courier boy. But there was a…

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indi Poetry

the sea writes its own poetry

the sea writes its own poetry the breeze doesn’t care, it sings essays drift by on falling leaves petals wither and tell stories   i have marked my world with limits and laws i have shut out my poetry silenced my song   i undulate and meters get set i whistle through and melody begins i fall and a world gets composed i die and the story is told   where have you hidden your poetry where have you buried…

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Dark Clouds

dark clouds phil rowan book review

It is fun to pick up a book from an author you haven’t read before, and get amply rewarded with a a good story. Dark Clouds, by author Phil Rowan, was a chance find. If you like a terrorist chase and not too much heroics, then this book might be for you. Dark Clouds follows journalist, Rudi Flynn, as he manages his sagging career and the demands of being an unwilling spy for his government. He is an American on…

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Now Brewing

Everyday is a lil life!

everyday is a lil life

Nowadays my heart has become like a mixed bag of emotions, one moment I am happy for no reason and the very next moment I get reminded of something sad & my heart starts to cry. I am not sure which one of it to write about. The happy stuff- coz c’mon lets accept it, that’s what everyone likes to read. Sad, depressing stuff, no one cares about. Everyone has enough of it in their own lives. But, the sad…

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road to singapore

one-north and two places

the first time i went to cafe colbar and mentioned it to my boss, he said it had moved from its original location. colonial bar, which got shortened to colbar, was set up in 1953 at jalan hang jebat and served as a canteen cum hangout for the british army personnel living in the area. in 2003, at the age of fifty, it would have faced sudden demise to make way for a road. people petitioned to save colbar. jurong…

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durga Poetry

Little girl

little girl poetry

Something in the giggles of a little girl Sends all worries into a twirl Something in her wonderful smile Soothes the tempers raging awhile Her colourful frills do the jig Swiveling around in the form of a fig Innocence and delight in her dance Heart turns buoyant, watching her prance Cute and cuddly, a little girl can be Forgetting the world in her company Spending time with her is a blessing Her non-stop chatter is the topping…

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