Catherine Coulter’s, The Lost Key, started off full of promise. Though, it is the 2nd book in the series of A Brit in the FBI,  the writing makes it easy to follow. The story felt like a cross between Dan Brown meets some of the earlier fast paced Jeffery Archer books. Then, somewhere after 60% of the story, the book became a series of far fetched coincidences and predictable outcomes. Maybe, I should back up a bit…

Many many years ago, in the hidden tunnels of France, Marie Curie found a super weapon. A secret society formed to protect the world from the whims of people who liked destroying peace for the power to rule. In the present day, a very rich antique book dealer is murdered in broad daylight.

Enter Nicholas Drummond. A British Aristocrat with a five story bungalow and a butler. It’s his first day out in the field as an FBI agent. Oh wait! Did I mention that he is a hacker as well?

So, first day on the job; the day isn’t going too well. The murderer of the antique book dealer, has tried to kill Nicholas. Another assassin has broken into his home. Nicholas,  might have unintentionally killed someone. People placed high in the government seem to be suspiciously dying all over. And new technology implanted in the eyes makes a bearer a live video feed.

His partner (and thinly veiled love interest.. oops semi spoiler), Mike Caine, loves to get caught by demented villains, until the hero saves her. Then, she spends a few pages staring at him in awe as he looks at the computer screen with concentration, his fingers flying over the keyboards, busy hacking into unknown secret backdoors in softwares. Then, somehow the hero gets hurt and she gives him some support. Finally, a new villain enters and the entire cycle continues.

Don’t get me wrong. I was completely vested in the high paced chase with one turn after the other. A megalomaniac villain (with concerning sexual tendencies.. and that is the least of his offense..), some promising side characters and did I mention the British butler? I was sold on the thriller, but one narrow escape after another the author lost me. Predictable and boring. I don’t mind the improbable, but I need the storyteller to convince me it is possible.

The final ending was anticlimactic. Maybe it was all a setup for book 3. But would I read it?

Thanks to Archana for the recommendation. The thriller was gripping at first and the writing crisp. Maybe, I will pick up another Catherine Coulter novel soon.