I had heard these words as the title of a song on a radio channel, on Father’s day, 2 years ago. The words have stayed with me.

Apparently, Sunday is Father’s Day. I tried to remember, but I don’t think I have ever wished my father on this day. I usually end up wishing him a day late on his birthday too. He isn’t the kind to mind it or even expect it. Perhaps, that is why even I don’t mind if people don’t wish me on my birthday. In any case, it gives me an excuse to conveniently forget other people’s birthday’s as well.

Will I call him this year? Most probably not, but does that keep me from writing about another father I love? Absolutely not.

The one father I really look up to is Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mocking Bird. Respected, wise, insightful, inspiring, calm, mostly always right. I would want to be a parent just like him. 2 sequences that are etched in my memory.

First is when his 7 year old daughter (at least I think Scout was 7) sat on his lap and asked him, “What is Rape?” Without skipping a heartbeat he replied, “Forced carnal knowledge (or something similar).” When I read this I had to go check the meaning of ‘Carnal’. The bigger thing was he didn’t hide anything. Didn’t need a didactic speech. He let his daughter make her own inference. Kids can be very smart if parents just give them a chance to think for themselves.

Second, was when a wild mad dog had to be killed or he would attack. Atticus was a quiet, reserved , slightly boring (or so his 9 yr old son, Jem, thought) lawyer. Everyone else seemed to know, he was the best shot in town! His glasses broke and he couldn’t see clearly. Yet, without blinking an eyelid he stood in the path of the mad dog and shot straight. His son never forgot that. When his son asked him why he never told them about this talent of his, Atticus replied, that he didn’t really want to have to use it.

Maybe I will call my father, after all, this year. But, he does talk for almost an hour when I do call him; and I hate talking on the phone. Well, either way, a very happy father’s day to you!