what have they done to my iphone

My heart broke today when I opened the world clock on my iphone after the latest 10 point whatever ios update. I was staring at a black panel instead of the lovely soft white one with clock faces on it, which i could change to numbers at a touch if I so desired. now a grim black with reverse type and though the font is the same, uff the aggression of it in reverse.iPhone-world-clock-400

Like an idiot, i pressed all sorts of things hoping i could change the look. it turns out that i couldn’t. i was so annoyed, i remembered hearing something about how you can jailbreak your iphone to get around the ios. as you can probably tell, i don’t know much about it but there is plenty of explanation on i’m debating learning more and giving it a go, because i just hate how the clock looks now.

Actually, nothing about the new features feels right. neither concept. not design. why would I want the whole world to know exactly who sent me what message and said what? why would i want those strange panels pretending to be iPhone design coming up on my phone in a series and just sit there?

When Steve Jobs died, I knew something was gone forever. i’ve been working on fairly low end apple computers for a long time and even these are fascinating… easy, intuitive, part of you. no sudden ugh graphics, no stiffness, no distance.

I held on to my iPhone 5, the last one Steve Jobs launched, for as long as i could. then got this 6s. it’s already chipped at the corner… I drop phones at times, the 5 didn’t get preferential treatment, it’s still intact. I must confess it would be in a worse state if it wasn’t for a recent iPhone repair. It’s so easy to damage iPhones these days, so people really do have to be careful with their phones. As we all have so much data on our phones, it can be extremely difficult when we break our phones. However, there are companies out there, like, that can help iPhone users to restore their data if their phone breaks. That should ensure that people get to see their photos, and other data, again!

Sensing a decidedly alien touch to the iPhone, I actually googled “has Jonathan left apple?” just now and read of the fancy promotion that takes him away from the actual designing of things… such a horrible feeling.

one mustn’t feel so emotional about a phone, yes. there are many things to really feel terrible about, yes. I know. and yet, when greatness goes, I can’t help but feel rotten. yes yes, it’s only an iPhone… maybe finally, I will look at other brands. but I’ll never forget Mr jobs… my eight-year-old iMac desktop still going strong. and that partnership of steve jobs and Jonathan I have that created more than just magic.

a friend just reminded me on Facebook that I didn’t even like handphones. I grinned. it’s true, i had refused to get a phone for the longest time. one fine day, irritated at something someone said, i went and got one, mainly to establish it wasn’t such a big deal. it was a Nokia phone. really simple and kind of neat. a white one. the iphone hadn’t been created as yet. really, did I expect to fall so hard for a phone? but then, that’s the whole point.

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  • Reply
    October 4, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Ah, those updates and upgraded ones do take away favourite features. I don’t have the apple products but I can understand the disappointment with newer versions. The older versions seem more better.

    • Reply
      indrani robbins
      October 5, 2016 at 12:34 am

      hi durga, 🙂 yeah, me super emotional today, because the very heart of iphone design seemed to be beating erratically. also the spark that i so associate with apple, now somehow dimming. sigh.

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