Every weekday starts off with this adventure. On the way to work, Aarwen and Lazywiz drive across the crowded Aurora bridge and follow the narrow road as it curves and heads into the unknown.

Whether they were quietly contemplating about the day ahead or discussing the meetings that need attending, deciding what to have for lunch, how many cups of coffee to consume or are irate about the chores that remain pending, they pause as the car slows down. On one side is the wall where the flyover flanks the way. On the right, an exciting wilderness lay.

Did you see that? That white van with tinted glasses parked precariously near the edge of the curve?“, Aarwen would whisper one day.

“Did you notice them? Why is there a smartly dressed woman walking past a bedraggled homeless tramp?“, Lazywiz would question the next day.

The radio goes silent as the car makes its way around the short stretch of road. No one inside the car has fiddled with the sound. The phone loses its signal a few minutes before the car enters the tunnel. 3G, 4G and who knows what else fails. Why? That is the adventure…

I don’t remember if this scene was in the Bourne Identity movie, but in the prologue of the book is an excerpt. A man who doesn’t know his name surfaced half drowned from the waters. In front of him lies a dismantled gun. Instinct. That is what he uses to put it all together. He might not have an identity, but he sure as hell knows how to handle a gun!

Seen the serial killer series – Dexter? There must be some secret behind such a show eponymous to the name of a road. This road.

With Julian Assange, Snowden, whistleblowers and conspiracy theories abound, it’s hard not to get carried away. Add to that a weird anomaly on a regularly crowded drive to work, thrillers on Netflix and discounts on Jeffery Archer on Amazon, and you end up with a bend in the road that brings with it exciting unanswered questions.

If not a vampire Aarwen and Lazywiz might at the very least glimpse an undercover special agent one rainy day in Seattle.

 Potential dead bodies or destroyed evidence?




Disclaimer :  This post is a flight into fantasy and has no bearing on truth.