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July 17, 2017

Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

a meeting in petra

“what’s your name?” i asked the young boy sitting casually on his mule, the glittering red sandstone city all around us. his eyes sparkled as he grinned at my question; his had a scuffed look, his skin was tanned; a couple of his front teeth were missing, why did that seem to add to the smile? he must have been about eleven, maybe twelve. he lounged there in his fading blue clothes on his black mule, a worn saddle cover…

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aarwen food

What’s Cooking Today?

what is cooking

Apparently, guests are the equivalent of Gods. And the one thing I have learnt over the years is that these categories of gods pay special attention to food and drink. You have dreamt of this perfect summer with you as the perfect host. One that is going to make the Gods happy. You wake up as early as possible; high chances are that an old aunt woke up earlier. So you rush to make her morning tea. By which time…

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