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September 2018


Wonder?! – A wondering poem

Did you ever wonder, sometimes on a busy day Why a little longer, some moments would not stay? Catch those little bubbles, before they float away Catch those little moments, before time goes away   Did you ignore dear ones, when they had something to say? Did you stop them in the middle, when they had a confession to make? Listen to their sweet words, before they vanish away Listen to what their heart says, else you may never hear…

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Reviews Television

Game Sanaeha

Game Sanaeha Review

Premise My first Thai drama. It’s a love story! Muenchanok, a.k.a Nok, is the spoilt rich heiress whose parents are getting a divorce. Her father is in love with a girl years younger to him. Nok is desperate to save her parents’ marriage and save her father from the scheming girl who has dared to trap him in her clutches. Luckanai, a.k.a nai, is an orphan boy whom Nok’s parents, Khun Wat and Khun Vi, have given a home. Nai is…

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