My first Thai drama. It’s a love story!

Muenchanok, a.k.a Nok, is the spoilt rich heiress whose parents are getting a divorce. Her father is in love with a girl years younger to him. Nok is desperate to save her parents’ marriage and save her father from the scheming girl who has dared to trap him in her clutches.

Luckanai, a.k.a nai, is an orphan boy whom Nok’s parents, Khun Wat and Khun Vi, have given a home. Nai is steadfast, loyal and intelligent. This is his family. And his love goes beyond. Nai has loved Nok for years. Finally, in all this mess he gets a chance to play a game of love to get his girl.

This Thai Lakorn has 14 episodes close to 2 hours long each. You can watch with subtitles on the official Youtube channel. Start here –

**Spoilers Ahead**

Now that you know what the show is about let’s talk about what I loved about it!

Super entertaining. Breathtaking romance and heartwarming moments with the family.

One of the most beautiful couple I have seen. Both actors are gorgeous. James exudes charm and confidence and Taew has moments of cuteness.  Taew’s dresses and hairstyle make me want to rush to the parlour and go on a crazy shopping spree.

Chemistry. I was angry with Nok at how she was hurtful towards Nai, often with no provocation. She came across at childish at times and selfish at others. But, there were many scenes when, specially with Nai, the actors together would light up the screen. I found myself falling for Nok, alongside Nai, in those scenes. When they fight you can see the sparks fly and when they are happy you can feel the fireworks erupt.

All the teasing, flirting, heartbreaks and making up. The post-wedding night memories of the blushing bride and flirtatious husband are stuff giggly dreams are made of. Another scene that had me fangirling, “I love you, I love you, I love you” (Instead of translating a long poem he chooses to focus on what it truly means and is not shy to express his love. Now that he has a chance of winning her he is making her and me go weak in the knees) …. Major swoon..

The topic of divorce is treated with surprising sensitivity and hope. Of course, in real life its probably going to be hard to have such a happy ending… but isn’t that exactly why we watch our Thai dramas? Which reminds me, fair warning, there are a few over the top dramatic scenes and villains, but the main love story is so worth putting up with it all.

Khun Wat as the father has a very real, relatable character. He has fallen in love with a girl younger to him. The girl is pining for someone else, but he tells her he is mature enough to wait for her, confident enough to not be jealous and steady enough to know his heart. To fulfil this winning declaration he did end up needing help from an expected source.

Which brings me to my favourite character. Our heroine’s mother, Khun Vi. Fun loving. Also wise, practical, warm and individualistic. She gives love advice to her ex-husband while throwing good-natured taunts and a mixture of indignation. Major spoiler – She falls for Waed ( her best friend’s son). Seeing this relationship grow is exhilarating. A forbidden sweet romance with 2 good hearted people who gradually and surely fall for each other. Will make you want to defy norms and cheer for anyone who does.

Aunty Pai, the nanny/housemaid who is loyal and puts forth the family she serves before her own family by blood. The actor brings so much sincerity into the character. There are also some side characters in the office setting who bring loads of hilarity and fun to the mix. Gossiping co-workers have never before had such positive effect.

Offscreen segments. I ship the lead pair so bad at this point that I am watching in loop the BTS (behind the scenes)  clips even though I don’t understand a word of Thai.

Before I stop, a point of interest, if you care. Thai word Sanaeha sounds similar to Hindi (or Sanskrit to be accurate) word Sneha meaning love. Small world after all. And am super glad the world has shows like Game Sanaeha. Sweet and lovely.

Must watch! And once you do am here to fangirl about Nai and Nok with you.


The stunning edits are by Katelyn who is also the one who recommended the show to me. You can find more edits on her Instragram feed –