sometimes, i think, just let it go
even if most certainly absolutely positively
you know
something someone’s saying is not quite so
just let it go

strange how those lines came out rhyming
was it my thought or was it the timing
you know, astrology and stuff that keep stymieing
nuptials and negotiations, the stars and their diming?

but really, just let it go
even though
reality may be different
yet who’s to tell it is just so
isn’t yours always a little different from mine
just a little bit or perchance a lot
ah reality, how we seek it
and caught it will be not

again some rhyming
must be the timing

just let it go
if it harms no one
if it starts no fire
razes no hope
we have such regard for reality, for fact
what of the illusion that keeps a person intact

i find myself having this thought every now and then these days. when i was younger, never considered this, of course. was so important to point out if something didn’t sound right. right, wrong, we are so caught up in all that, i wonder if we sometimes miss the more essential, important things. chose a visual of a path for this one, paths seem to call you without forcing you in any way.