i hold you with my thoughts
and you’re there
frowning even though all is well
we laugh about some silly thing
we’ve been angry about silly things
just as easily we’ve raged
and we’ve been us

let’s go to the next room
through that door, shall we?
and see what he’s up to now
perhaps he reads a book
or perhaps he’s with a friend
his smile is filtering into my memory
in that is all of us

the room beyond the next room
she’s there i can tell, isn’t she?
holding tempestuous worlds still
in a tilt of her defiant head
a wave of her imperious hand
she looks back, what is that she asks?
her sound her smell her resistance that’s us

come, let’s go together and find
him there where memory begins
on a cool sunny day full of flowers and torment
a strike, a breath, and an eternal hush
you never spoke of what you saw
i never said what i felt for i didn’t
because we were, after all, us

in my thought i hold you
you look at me an eyebrow arched
let’s stay here, let’s endure steadfastly till the end

pertolerate: a 17th century word that means to endure steadfastly till the end. usually refers to bearing something gruelling and tedious. trivia from twitter.

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