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mother of 1084

her son is dead, she is alive. the endless agony of this careens through an entire day: morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening. now keening, now wretched, now rending, always there, almost a central player. on a day like none other, a day perhaps of reckoning. hajar churashir ma, the mother of 1084, mahasweta devi’s stunning indictment ultimately of a whole way of life even as she grieves with sujata, the protagonist, and senses, elicits, and enunciates her every thought and…

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Espresso Shots

the little room: a short story

“this is funny, isn’t it,” he said staring at her, his voice low, almost inaudible. she looked at him trying not to avert her gaze. “what’s funny?” she had to ask the question. the silence had to be contained, or else… she frowned. or else what, why was she so disconcerted? so… afraid? was she afraid? “all the while… all the things we said. you said. i…” he paused and took a sip from his glass. it was whisky, she…

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Now Brewing


Its about idealistic journalism. how journalists should try and do the right thing as they have a moral obligation to society who depend on them for the facts. But the fun, witty , charming way this is portrayed makes the show such an interesting watch. Another reason for this show being one of my favourites is that almost all characters have something worth rooting for. Every story, the acting, specially the dialogues (and there is such a large amount of it in…

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books Reviews

Atlas Shrugged

atlas shrugged book review

Ayn Rand wasn’t merely writing novels, she was proposing a philosophy of life. Her hero is an ideal man, only she puts forward the theory that there isn’t something godly about this ideal. It is ideal because it is the only way of existence that is worth considering and makes sense. The only way man was intended to live. Create. Excel. Be a master and solely responsible for his own life. “Let me give you a tip on a clue to men’s characters:…

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Suits Review

Suits is a fun show. If you want to watch heavy courtroom drama then you probably want to choose a show like Boston Legal. Suits, on the other hand, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and if you are okay with that then you are sure to be highly entertained. In the cutthroat world of New York corporate law are a bunch of lawyers (and paralegals; there is a difference and I will come to that shortly) who are talented, smart…

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Now Brewing

Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars review

Its no secret I like young adult stuff.. it's going to take a while, if ever, for me to grow out of that phase. Specially if there are series like this one out there. A group of pretty and stylish looking young girls around a dainty white table hiding a secret. This poster has often caught my attention, but I did not think of watching it till I came to know a friend with similar taste in shows watches it. That was…

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