Its no secret I like young adult stuff.. it's going to take a while, if ever, for me to grow out of that phase. Specially if there are series like this one out there.

A group of pretty and stylish looking young girls around a dainty white table hiding a secret. This poster has often caught my attention, but I did not think of watching it till I came to know a friend with similar taste in shows watches it. That was enough for me to give this a try, specially since The Vampire Diaries keeps going on and off air.

So what's it about?

**Pretty Little Liars Spoilers Ahead**

The show is based on a book series by Sara Shepard. The casting sequence sums it up quite brilliantly. Four high school girls brought close together due to the murder of their friend, the conniving snobbish mean, Alison Dilaurentis. Only, apparently being dead doesn't suit her much. Dead or not, she manages to remain an unwanted lingering presence in the lives of the girls. In a town full of suspects, it is next to impossible to leave the dead lying.. More murders ensure the guessing game to spot the murderer continues. Add to the mix, lots of lies, more guilty secrets, friendship, unhealthy doses of blackmail, and untiring amateur sleuthing and you get an entertaining fun show where the mystery only gets thicker.


Aria Montgomery – Played by Lucy Hale (whom you might have seen in How I met Your Mother and Wizards of Waverly Palace). A distinctive fashion style. Lots of secrets to hide, after all she is in a relationship with her English teacher. shhh… don't tell.. they could get into a lot of trouble for this.

Hanna Marin – The heart of gold, but straightforward enough to punch a blind girl in her face, who was creating quite a few problems for the girls. She has no qualms admitting she would skip school for the slightest of reasons. Her mother and she have quite a few things they would prefer to keep to themselves. What those are, watch to find out.

Emily Fields – The athlete. The misfit. She had a special interest in the dead girl, but then who didn't? Emily suffers from more than her fair share of bad luck. After all the girls she falls for have an uncanny knack to end up dead.

Spencer Hastings – By far my most favourite of the four. Compulsive about being perfect. She can manage straight A's while a blackmailer is making her life a living nightmare. Efficient, pushy and rich. She also manages some great one liners. Always in charge and when she loses it, she goes completely insane. Some tough times and unexpected surprises in store for her.



Well, the protagonists are high school girls, so there have to be a fair share of love interests. Meet the guys –

Toby Cavanaugh – He looked a bit of a misfit, but was most proficient at scrabble. Was seen reading Catcher in the Rye. He starts off as eerie, becomes a dear, only to throw us in shock in the coming seasons. Tall and lanky, with those brooding eyes. Intense. You might end up liking him more than you thought.

Jason Dilaurentis – The dead girls brother.  I am never sure whats the real deal with him. Layers and layers of unravelling of background story and I still have no clue whats going on with him. Is he good or not so good? Watch to find out. I am still trying to find out too. Hope the makers know.

Caleb Rivers – Hacker. You always need one of those in a good mystery, don't you? This one is not all geeky, but cool, eager to bend a few rules. Long straight hair. A not so happy childhood. Smug and efficient, to vulnerable and loving. A few unexpected moments here too.

Ezra Fitz – High school English teacher. Falls in love with his student. This show will raise a few eyebrows. And that's by far not the worst of twists. Whats going on with him? I have no clue, but this sure is an intriguing character.

I listed out four guys, but be warned. All do not evenly match up with the four girls. Don't get fooled. Nothing is ever that straight in Pretty Little Liars.

These people all seem quite grown up, but then there are moments when they are simply worrying about a surprise pop quiz or a school application.  And it is quite refreshing to watch something where marriage is hardly on the cards, since the characters are still in school. At other times they are battling the most grown up of problems and acting mature. Having left high school quite a while back my memory is a little hazy. I wonder if we were grown up enough to be handling murder and blackmail in our regular lives back then. Or maybe these girls are lying about their age, after all they are a set of pretty little liars.

Available for free on Netflix uptill season 4. Season 5 is also out, but you will have to wait a few more months for Season 6 (which will air on ABC Family).

Looking for something not too serious? Like mystery and a light story? Then this one is a perfect pick for you.

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