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A Name Is A Name

Guest writer Lalita Arya examines a name and what really might be in it. There is a café called Bagel T where I used to stop to have a cup of cappuccino when I managed to get an hour off to go for a walk. On the east coast of the USA near Princeton, the weather is much more pleasant than the mid west where I lived for many years. Even in winter I consider the weather mild. But for…

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the toothpaste revolt

vicco vajradanti. vicco thunder-teeth… or should it be the one with thunder-teeth? ever heard of this toothpaste? Can’t remember exactly when, must have been in the mid ’70s since I remember I was still in school, I switched to this new toothpaste shaking off the hold of the one and only Colgate that I had known since birth practically.This was a time when dental care was pretty basic. There was no widespread access to things like teeth aligners or effective…

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woman in gold… a reverie

the woman was beautiful. her bearing was regal, almost aloof, her facial features fine and strong. my eyes fell on the splendid yet jaunty diamond choker on her long stately neck and i almost sighed, but what was that quiet in her eyes and that longing for something afar? i’d gone to see woman in gold without knowing anything about it, without reading reviews or hearing friends discuss. i am glad i did for that way there were no preconceived…

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