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Like a girl…

Freedom Like girl

A few days back, I went to supervise one of the school plays which was shortlisted to be presented on the 15th August (Indian Independence Day) celebration in front of the honourable chief minister amongst other dignitaries. The theme of the play was cleanliness; the recent topic of interest across the country. The story was simple, comparison between 2 families, one which lives hygienically versus one which does not. For obvious reasons, the emphasis was more on the ‘dirty’ family…

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How Anne of Green Gables made me Cry..

how anne of green gables made me cry

I usually know from the start of a book, if soon enough, late into the hours after midnight, I am going to invariably end up quietly shedding happy tears, tucked into my cosy quilt. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I cry particularly easily, except at the end of every good book. “Because when you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worth while.” But, Anne of Green Gable, by Lucy Montgomery, was not a book I was…

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durga Poetry

Little girl

little girl poetry

Something in the giggles of a little girl Sends all worries into a twirl Something in her wonderful smile Soothes the tempers raging awhile Her colourful frills do the jig Swiveling around in the form of a fig Innocence and delight in her dance Heart turns buoyant, watching her prance Cute and cuddly, a little girl can be Forgetting the world in her company Spending time with her is a blessing Her non-stop chatter is the topping…

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