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road to singapore

how do you say ang mo kio

the flags are up. i frown, still a bit disoriented after the europe trip. what’s the month, i wonder. it’s july… of course, national day, just round the corner. okay, about three weeks away, but what’s to stop you from getting ready to celebrate, wear red. ang mo kio – the prime minister’s constituency, he leads the grc, aj informs me – is looking lovely in the dusk. there are flags everywhere, up on hdb blocks, in food centres, at…

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Dads are the hardest people to buy gifts for

Dads hardest people buy gifts

I had heard these words as the title of a song on a radio channel, on Father’s day, 2 years ago. The words have stayed with me. Apparently, Sunday is Father’s Day. I tried to remember, but I don’t think I have ever wished my father on this day. I usually end up wishing him a day late on his birthday too. He isn’t the kind to mind it or even expect it. Perhaps, that is why even I don’t…

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sarees tell stories

girls and their sarees

will you both wear sarees one day and let me take some pictures, i asked. one of them grinned, the other did not. my sixteen year old niece loves to wear sarees, my almost fifteen year old daughter doesn’t. my niece held up the white tangail with gold border and black and gold motifs. it’s a beautiful saree, fine cotton, classy and cool. i think my mother picked it up from a shop in lake market in calcutta, almost twenty…

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Espresso Shots

inheritance: a short story

“good morning, mr roy, this is aruna calling from the concierge desk, your driver is here…” the girl’s voice was pleasant and cheerful. ronen looked at the clock… nine thirty, the hired car had arrived on time. surprising. “thank you, aruna, i’ll be down shortly. could you tell me his name, please?” he asked in his usual brisk manner, pulling the pen and note pad lying on the bedside table toward him. the hotel had thoughtfully placed a set of…

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Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 6

sing, goddess, of the rage of peleus’s son achilles,
 the accursed rage that brought great suffering to the achaeans. 
~~~ homer, the illiad~~~

 she tried to speak, but the fistful of chana in her mouth was an impediment hard to negotiate. she chomped on it furiously, glaring at him all the while. “what are you doing here?” he spat out. she wanted to answer but… the chana was too dry and his impatience seething. “what… what…” he gritted his teeth,…

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Now Brewing

Fulfilling Dreams – A Short Story

fulfilling dreams a short story

The hoot of the train blew so hard that it startled Sapna. “Why does it have to blow so loud?” she wondered. It was just minutes before the train would start and Sapna was ready to take the journey, her first ever by train. Sapna, all of 21, had a pampered protected life. She belonged to a well-to-do family and was an only child.  Every year they would visit places around the world. All her relatives lived in metros, so…

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