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First Books for your Little One

I love reading and equally love books. If you have paid even the remotest attention to my existence as a writer on Writersbrew you will know this and if not allow me to introduce myself.. a fiction lover turned mom. So, of course, I would be thrilled if my child ends up loving to read. But I had my mind and hands busy learning to change diapers, feed a fussy baby and catch some sleep while keeping him alive and…

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durga Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

Reservations: An observation – All in good humour

Dealing with reservations is a part of life. Whether one needs it or not, it is inescapable. Whenever I fill out an application form, whether it’s for applying for a course or a job, I always get peeved at a certain point. Among details like name, age and qualifications, there is this little tab that asks us to fill in our religion. I always wonder what purpose this little information would serve to the institution or organisation. How would this…

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