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promises that won’t be kept

some promises will not be kept some truths so easily swept under carpets thickly plush and warm there will be harm smiting would some days come permanent the damage done promises blithely broken gaping wounds turned away from the ache would be the real deal no balm will dare its edge steal perhaps that is one promise that will be kept i will not lie and tell you that you’ll be fine no matter what you will be torn there…

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aarwen Poetry


writersbrew poetry

Tired and worn Tattered and torn Swept along hapless with the winds Left alone, faded and forlorn.   Wailing and weeping Sobbing and screaming Inconsequential in the grand scheme of things Damp eyes with tears streaming.   Depressed and driven insane Tortured and in pain Invisible to all that good fate brings Left alone fighting in vain.   Hopeless and unheeded Ignored and defeated A lone cry in the discordant dissonant string With all happiness depleted.   Ever had a day when you just can’t get…

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Now Brewing

Everyday is a lil life!

everyday is a lil life

Nowadays my heart has become like a mixed bag of emotions, one moment I am happy for no reason and the very next moment I get reminded of something sad & my heart starts to cry. I am not sure which one of it to write about. The happy stuff- coz c’mon lets accept it, that’s what everyone likes to read. Sad, depressing stuff, no one cares about. Everyone has enough of it in their own lives. But, the sad…

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