the universe moves at its inexorable pace

not a star out of place.

it’s rumoured, among the rings of andromeda

that galaxy not too far

there may be a trillion stars

hanging around,

yet, there too does abound

that sureness of everything

ubiquitous, utter superlunary sync

lightyears and lightyears of order

in orbit, on track, en masse,

each dust and every drifting particle

star in star out, nebula whirling

dark matter, black hole, gravity

of many magnitudes

nothing eludes

the mystical primordial rhythm

no schism

never out of turn or breath

i watch the play without death

infinite timeless invincible

rolling and turning and being

going on, unquestioning

an entire awfully unimaginably

big gigantic and beyond thing

mars, venus, moons, uranus

neptune, jupiter, named

and unnamed millions of galaxies and

their many things

such wondrous falling into place

of an entire space

yet in me, in that unfathomable within

perceived by exactly which senses who knows

a turbulent, trenchant, unyielding chaos

erupting, assaulting, splintering,

expanding beyond the universe



i wonder if the universe ever wants a little

bit of that which is me


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