Have you seen it, have you seen it anywhere go?
It always would be with me, now it’s not anymore
From dawn to dusk, within me, it would constantly flow
The stream of words has gone, somewhere I don’t know

The brisk word stream came to a sudden halt
No rhyme or reason, nor anybody’s fault
The words that inspired me, are now in a vault
Some strange thing is stopping them from coming out

And then I learnt that it’s called a Writers’ Block
That thing in one’s mind, which has a strong lock
A foe, that was powerful, I had got
Have to push with all might and trample it under the rock

It wasn’t as easy as I had thought
But with a will to succeed, I valiantly fought
With a deep breath and positive mind, some fresh air I sought
At last, I came over the obstinate writers’ block

Now the words are back in their beautiful stream
I cook, I clean, yet words flow like a dream
It’s a great feeling when the mind is active
The smile is back and confidence is massive