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go away,

for i don’t have the hard heart

to kill you off with lethal injection

or deadly disease

or to maim your spirit

or mire your soul

in sordid so called reality


go away,

for i don’t have the toxic mind

to rip your triumphant image

your untarnished glory

or ruin your story

or tell your beautiful tale

with even an iota less of unworldly faith


yes, dear one

such is life

and a writer is not to be trusted

for you live in hearts

other than yours

for your mind touches

and ignites much more

and in that flame true and pure

lives your story

whatever it may be


go away,

for i don’t have the gratuitous ink

to give you chaos and care

not when you walk like that

or turn and stare at me so

not when i know

you, at long last a character,

that has what it takes to live

and live through it all

just go

and be happy, will you?




thanks, katelyn, for the textures on the visual above and ipkknd, for the shot of a man from the back.

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