“Elves,” concluded Lazywiz.

A man and a woman were crossing the street. They were both dressed in black overcoats, a few sizes too big. Sharp features and a frenetic energy in their movement. Both had black hair with a lock of blue; a startling shade of indigo. She had a sleek ponytail and he carried off a rather long flop of hair. It was as if their human disguise had gone wrong. Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings.

On the radio, in the car, the African American U.S Attorney General was imploring people to live in peace and not succumb to hatred which would inevitably spell discord and doom. Five police officers were shot dead by a sniper while protecting the right to freedom of expression of a group of peaceful protestors. The protest was incited by the fact that 2 unarmed African Americans in different states of the United States had been killed by the police.

“Definitely,” Aarwen had to enthusiastically agree with Lazywiz. It was the only way. When the world around insists on being bleak and horrible, spotting the odd elf or two adds stability and much needed sanity to your life.

Note to self : Don’t look at the phone screen while in a moving vehicle because it gives you a headache. And also because it tremendously lowers your chances of spotting elves on the road.

Imagination. Is a fine word. The thing about reality is that it restricts you to what is around you. Reality imposes tangible unbendable limits. Neat compartments of possible and impossible.

And in comes a book, movie, song or painting.. Art in any form.. with 1 sole purpose. Aah! man marked this impossible. Let’s use our imagination to prove its possible.

So, dreams manipulate dreams. Vampires become symbols of undying love. Idealistic teenagers save the universe apocalypse after apocalypse. Superheroes fly. Dragons have wings. A simple wish topples an unkind king.

Note 2 to self : Befriend an alien when you get a chance. Maybe he has plans of world domination, or if you are blessed, he brings the secret to world peace. Either way, your chances of survival increase if he and you share a drink or few.

The dreamers from DaVinci to Einstein.. From Google to Tesla.. take a handheld device from StarTrek and convert it into the ipad. From bombs to planes.. a pinch of dreams and a stroke of imagination.. some things come out right, some not at all..

The universe exists. There are pictures to help paint our imagination of this endless vast space. But, if your mind cannot conjure it, you hardly ever see it. Unless, by some miracle, Uber expands to space travel! Which is great, and means that someone behind the scenes dared to dream of adding surge rates to the impossible.

Note 3 to self : Don’t let your mind be scared of boundaries. Brain waves are unhurt while jumping a wall, however high, and do thrive while travelling to a realm that is new and undiscovered.

“Maybe the elves have come to save the world,” Aarwen hoped.

“Should we help out?” Lazywiz always did have inspiring ideas.




Pic Credit Vishakha