twitter is a funny place

i see girls dying over tv drama lovers, sighing about their favourite heroes

i see a women died on a bus
and her husband and kid were thrown out of it

i see pictures of madhubani paintings and talk of art

i see a journalist’s taunt at a shot
that paints a picture too good not to make likes and rts out of

i see images of children mangled by syria

i see cute messages about what mother said to her celebrity child

i see people have mourned on instagram

i see people have spied via facebook

i see refugees have been ordered to leave their refuge

i see the opposition has been sent to prison

i see there’s yet another app to make our ordinary faces appear prettier

i see two scary looking men, wish there was an app to make them disappear

i scroll down
following, being followed

we’re all here on the same page
just not on the same planet


speaking of planet, such a fractured vision of our world really. all this media, all this reach. twitter, fb, insta, snapchat, wa, vines, more. billions of accounts. yet how many of the 7.4 billion we are today are really here. posting, chatting, liking, hearting, tweeting, part of it all. i’d love to know what the missing tweets might be like.


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