अनकही बातें कई
तुमसे कहनी थीं
पास आकर बैठो
हाल-ए-दिल ज़रा सुनलो

तुम्हें मालूम था परेशानी मेरी
संभाला जब उलझी हुई थी
सबर का बाँध टूट जाता
गर साथ तुम्हारा तब ना होता

ऐसे रखा खयाल मेरा
जैसे हूँ फूल की पंखुड़ी
ऐसा मुझपर असर हुआ
इस चाहत में मैं और खिली

एक तमन्ना जाग उठी है
कहने को दिल बेकरार है
एक अरसा हुआ कहे तुमसे
मुझे आज भी तुमसे प्यार है

Transliteration :

Ankahi baatein kayi
Tumse kehni thi
Paas aakar baitho
Haal-e-dil zara sunlo

Tumhe maaloom tha pareshani meri
Sambhala jab uljhi huyi thi
Sabar ka baandh toot jaata
Gar saath tumhara tab na hota

Aise rakha khayal mera
Jaise hoon phool ki pankhudi
Aisa mujhpar asar hua
Iss chahat mein main aur khili

Ek tamanna jaag uthi hai
Kehne ko dil bekaraar hai
Ek arsaa hua kahe tumse
Mujhe aaj bhi tumse pyaar hai


Unspoken words many
Wanted to tell you
Come close and sit
And listen to my heart’s tale

You knew about my worry
Took care of me when I was confused
The dam of tolerance would have broken
If then you hadn’t been with me

She took care of me so
as if I was a flower petal
it had such an impact on me
I bloomed in your fondness

A desire has risen
Desperate my heart is to say it
It’s been a while since I said so
Even today I am in love with you


In the grind of today’s routine life, when time seems to be running past, little things tend to get ignored and some little yet precious words are left unsaid. These little words are the pearls in your life and even if the other knows it, it does matter when you actually say it. Let these pearls keep coming and keep your lives always bright.


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