Is it a colour or absence of one,
Or is it a sign of superstition.
Is it a mixture of all the shades,
Or what remains after it fades.

Our guest writer Yangchen Bhutia is back.. This time with some poetry on Black…

Sometimes, it is linked with a race,
Whilst the reverse is deemed an ace.
It represents sorrow, sickness and death,
Also enormous unaccounted wealth.

Either a hole in outer space,
That absorbs all and leaves no trace.
Alias of Parvati, the Hindu goddess,
The destroyer of all evil forces.

Oh! How skilfully we have laid,
In too many ways, a single shade!
What if there existed no black,
Would we have other shade to attack?

As I look around,
This is what I found.
Black is everywhere around us,
Still most of us create a fuss.

Accept the colour and move on,
Trust me it’s not so bad, come on!
Whether it marks for good or bad,
Let not the shade suffer for that.

Always recall the colour of night,
Where the stars shine extremely bright.
Had there been no black, there would be no white,
Without one, the other would not be a sight.