She is a girl who does not want the everyday life. She wants adventure. She does not want to settle to the mundane. She reads books and dreams.  Belle is in a fairytale. Belle is my favourite Disney princess as is Beauty and the Beast my favourite animation movie.

I wanted to watch the new Beauty and the Beast since that first trailer I watched many months ago. It has the girl who will forever be Hermione Granger to me. Emma Watson is looking bewitchingly lovely in each frame and poster of the movie. I had to watch this movie.

The decision to watch the movie was simple. A gut feeling. What was not so simple was to figure out how to watch and with whom. I don’t particularly fixate over any of this usually. But, with this movie, that story becomes equally interesting.

I wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast in a movie hall. Not with someone who came as a compromise or who wouldn’t understand the joy of watching Beauty and the Beast… whose heart wouldn’t be filled with happiness… who wouldn’t care as much as I did about a fairytale. How did I know, that my heart would be warm and content watching this movie? Sometimes you simply have to believe. Come to think of it, isn’t belief non-negotiable criteria to enjoy a fairytale?

Turns out I didn’t have anyone close by who I was sure would be thrilled by Beauty and the Beast, and I didn’t want to take a chance. So, then started my obsession with whom to watch the movie. I was seventeen again. With the same excitement and restlessness. Should I compromise and go with someone because I needed someone to go with? Should I request someone I like to come with me because I needed company.

The answer was simple. And I am glad I arrived at that answer.

One sunny evening I walked across a rather deserted street. Turned another corner and got drenched in a surprise storm. Breathlessly I ran alone to my destination. Brought a steaming cup of cappuccino and walked into a deserted hall. I shook my wet hair free from my pony tail, set my jacket on the seat next to me and smiled.

Before I had arrived at the decision to watch the movie alone I fretted for days. Would I look weird or crazy watching a movie alone? Was it a bad thing I didn’t have a friend to watch the movie with? What would someone say? All of those doubts melted away as the opening credits started.

One of my favourite songs played.. “There must be more than this provincial life..“. Everything on screen was gorgeous. Pretty flowers, dainty cottages. Beautiful Belle. Vain Gaston. Emma Watson was the perfect Belle. Her voice lilting. The original songs from the movie were re-used. I hadn’t thought I would get to hear all my favourites again!

Fearlessness and openness to question the norm. Belle was following a path less trodden onscreen and in my small little way, I had won over my own social fear off screen.

I snuggled in my seat. The little girls in the row in front of me ooh-ed and aah-ed when the Beast’s castle came on screen. I kept smiling. Chip. Miss Potts. I wasn’t watching the 3d version, still, this was lots of fun. What surprised me was that the story had hardly been modified.. Why even make a remake of the animated version in live 3d? Maybe it is so I could go watch a movie alone…

Beauty and her Beast strolled in his castle grounds discussing Shakespeare and having a snowball fight. I sighed. Love. Disney makes wonderful fairytales. “There is something there that wasn’t there before..” You have to love a man who has a library full of books! And has read all of them (except the ones in Spanish)… He was cracking jokes with her.  She was slurping soup with him. Awkward and hopeful. First love. I sighed again. And smiled some more.

There were shimmer and sparkles on screen. Colourful flowers. Frost and snow. Gowns that flowed. Candles that glowed. Chandeliers that glittered. Hands that touched. Feet that danced.  And a simple story of enchantment. Taking chances. Being fearless. Caring dearly. Discovering kindness. Falling in love.

A tale as old as time..” By the time the ballroom was decorated, Belle got dressed and the title song started I knew “certain as the sun rising in the East..” all the uncertainty and worry leading up to me going to watch a movie all alone on a weekday skipping office was worth it.




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