A happy sigh.. a beating heart.. a rapid pulse.. glazed eyes.. .. sing out loud.. twirl all around.. watch dreams unfurl.. soar high on the magic dust dosed in love..

A list of my favourite animated dates..


1.Beauty & The Beast – How not to fall in love when a mean, bad beast starts feeding twittering birds, and a captive girl starts blushing at his touch? To set the mood, is a curious chipped baby tea cup and a serenading steaming mommy tea pot. Hidden away from the world, an overshadowing withering curse and a gentle blooming love..

2. The Lion King – The lost lonely cub has found a mate.. His friends know love is inevitable, and so do we.. the question being, does he? A touching tale of finding yourself.. growing up with loyal silly friends and unshakable love… And finding time to frolic in water falls and run wild through the jungles..

3. Ratatoullie – What’s a list of dreamy dates without a feisty girl? A female chef knows the perfect recipe.. Will the new boy add a dash of love and a tad of magic to the mix? The love of food.. don’t mind the rats.. the taste and smells of Paris .. a fun story is all set to brew..

4. The Little Mermaid – The prince is shy, and the girl can’t talk.. Time is ticking by.. A lobster helps out to set the mood.. A kiss will seal the deal..The touch of lips or a peck on the cheek, birds and fish are waiting eagerly to see..

5. Alladin – What can a poor boy do to woo a princess? Take her on a magic carpet ride, of course.. Across starry night skies, with winged white stallions by your side.. Through a garden that can beat paradise.. sailing over lazy meandering rivers until sunrise..

6. Wall e – Two robots in space meet after a lifetime. An old rusting frame, a new shiny model.. The dance remains the same.. Through space, interweaving steps.. Life is coming to an end, but hearts continue to beat.. crazy happy hope surrounds the lovers dancing in glee..

7. Tangled – A wish fulfilled, a realization hits. He makes the dreams possible, she makes it memorable. A million lanterns lighting the sky, an entire kingdom celebrating. A twinkle in his warm hazel eyes.. a rush of colors in the flowers on her hair.. A sigh.. a song.. if only the moment could go on..


Have more favourites that I left out? If you tell me enough of them, I promise.. a whole new post with them..

Video Credit to the Uploaders.