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August 2017

Rambles, Rhymes and Tales


Rap on the door. The seven year old no longer had to be told what to do – she was now well-trained. She raced up to the terrace, carrying Zoya. The terrace was uncommon – it had an enormous crater in the middle, caused by an object thrown from hovering helicopters. A story by our guest writer Swaroopa Lahiri.  It happened during monsoon because the very next day, she had released paper boats in the hollow rain pool and watched…

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secrets of seattle

Cruising along the South Lake Union to Lake Washington : Not wishing to get anywhere, only wishing to remain where we were

argosy cruise south lake union lake Washington seattle

Haven’t written in a while. This feels like a homecoming, but am struggling where to start. Ironical since the post title is about not caring where things end. I have had a miserable few weeks, at one point I even burst into inconsolable tears. Then, fortuitously the grey clouds parted. I found myself on a boat, cruising down the South Lake Union. The sun was shining bright (a bit too bright for my eyes), but there was a gentle cool…

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Espresso Shots

by the pond

i dreamt of my father and mother today. he was looking handsome. she had that calm air about her which had always been hers, as though she had made it herself. with every gaze of her sharp brown eyes, every raising and lowering of her eyelids, the slow purposeful turn of her head, the stillness she held in every line and curve. she could turn the calm into what she willed in an instant. it always impacted you with such…

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