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January 2018

Poetry Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

Namaste – A poem

namaste poem

Namaste, I salute the divine in you Namaste, I bow to the God in you For there’s a bit of Almighty in everyone Namaste, I greet the good in you Two hands join together – firm, yet gentle Straight and upward, from heart to the temple A solemn opera, silent in prance It’s the Anjali mudra, a symbol of dance Welcoming and warm is the gesture of Namaste It will enter the heart and forever stay Not just two hands,…

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Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

wednesday doodles

i’m zooming through space. social media space. social, that’s what it’s being referred to as these days i think. i’m rushing about on two separate machines, my desktop and my handphone. there’s no time to breathe or pause as i flit from facebook to twitter to instagram to my forum, my blog, you know how it is. they keep saying older people stay away from such things. why don’t i listen to them? i am old people; i’ve seen thirty…

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if winter comes, can motorer kochuri be far behind

food is so much about memory, isn’t it? i can’t even hear the words “motorer kochuri” without thinking of my mother. my mother was not a great cook, in fact she was never too keen to visit the kitchen. she had, however, the most discerning sense of taste and understanding of the various stages of cooking. she was particular about the spices and condiments she believed a dish called for. the balance of ingredients was important, getting the right inflection…

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Start of Something New

new year resolution start of something new

Write more. My new year resolution. Simple. Right? Or maybe I should take a resolution to keep life simple. Simple = Happy. Right? There is something about being in between. Walking home from your school bus stop. Driving to work on a rainy morning. When the season changes. When it’s midnight. When a year is about to turn into another. This sensation of being in between brings with it a sense of possibility. A chance at wrapping things up. Starting…

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