Write more. My new year resolution. Simple. Right? Or maybe I should take a resolution to keep life simple. Simple = Happy. Right?

There is something about being in between. Walking home from your school bus stop. Driving to work on a rainy morning. When the season changes. When it’s midnight. When a year is about to turn into another.

This sensation of being in between brings with it a sense of possibility. A chance at wrapping things up. Starting fresh. Hope. Excitement. Nervousness. Happiness. Maybe I won’t make the same mistakes again. Maybe what’s new will be good. Maybe my dog will bark less. Maybe I will get to sleep more.

I have one, just one example, of a resolution that I stuck to. I use that as a motivation to take a new one every year. This year I tried some new things. I learnt to drive. Spent hours having coffee. Shifted houses. Chased vampires. Completed 25 story books in my Goodreads 2017 challenge.

This year I didn’t write nearly enough. I didn’t remain calm. I did not meditate as many days as I planned. I skipped meals. I didn’t practice playing the piano. Lost my temper. Got worried.

So many things I want to do. As many things, I want to start. More things I want to complete.  Let’s focus on one thing. Just one. The main one. Simple.

So come midnight I write. And in this post, I share this wish with all of you who care to hang out at the brew. I wish we enjoy the coming day that will be brand new.

Be creative. Be inspired. Be kind. Be fearless. Be adventurous. Fall in love. Learn something new. Above all be happy this new year.

Have a happy new year!