Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 Review

Its hard to admit, but I will. I am watching Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2. And when I wanted to read about it online I found a bunch of articles pre-launch but less post-launch. So 3 months or so in I want to discuss with you how is it going? Well am still watching, and while I could blame it entirely on nothing else catching my interest, it’s not entirely true.

So here goes the number game..

The hero. Parth Samthaan as Anurag Basu has grown on me. So much so that I even watched his previous show on MTV Kaise Ye Yaariyan and developed a major crush on college angsty privileged lead singer Manik Malhotra +100

Parth’s English is reasonably good. So someone who speaks naturally in an Ekta Kapoor serial! +25 (at the very least)

But he spends a whole lot of time talking about “feelings” for his “friend” Prerna Sharma. At this day and age not knowing ek larka larki, specially in an Indian television show, dost nahi reh sakte -10

Now “friend” in question herself, Prerna played by a shrieking Erika Fernandez -20

But no denying she also speaks good English +15 (just because am softer on the guys)

And she looks gorgeous in the Sangeet dress +20 (I used to find her beautiful in Kuch Kang Pyar ke Aise Bhi)

Sangeet reminds me of the whole lovely lovers chase with floating flour (that’s right not flower) in the kitchen +5

And the songs which there are huge numbers of. Like seriously, every scene does not need its own random Hindi movie song -30

In the original Kasauti the title song and its million variations, plus ajeeb dastaan hai yeh added not detracted from the story. -5 (because these random songs are really irritating)

+5 (they made a Kasauti remake complete with the red flying dupatta!!)

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 has a couple of beautiful songs from The Unbroken web series & Jilebi movie. +20 (Khwab de do ya sath de do, Tukdo mein tum the, Pal)

Loud songs reminded me of the louder dressing styles of Nive di and Mohini Basu -15

Let’s not forget their ugly huge bindis -5 (you probably can’t forget even if you tried really hard)

In an interview, Subhaavi Choksey who plays Mohini actually voiced her worry about the overboard look but thought it worked out well in the end. For being able to at least spot the flaw +1

For speaking good English, and lots of it. Trust me its like her every other dialogue is in English +4

So what’s the most Indian thing in the show? Komolika’s lehengas..err..ghagaras…err skirt -20

But am going to fight the world on this and say I like the new Komolika. Hina Khan in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai was probably as bored playing Akshara as we were watching. The poor girl deserves some fun, and what’s better than some nekka +13 (for girl power & trying a different role)

Now the storyline is definitely not trying to be different. Already 1 guy plotted murder & bigamy, 1 girl is pregnant before marriage & tried to commit suicide -30

But the bigamist mama did act completely over the top crazy +3

And Prerna isn’t the one with the illegitimate son +6 (so far..)

Plus there is still Rishabh Bajaj’s entry to look forward to +13

Anyway the skirts or lehenga or whatever is no way as bad as the awful draping of Nivedi’s saree -7 (ughh)

Which reminds me of another senseless insertion. An evil sister-in-law
in the Sharma household -2

On the other hand the Basu family has some fun casting in senior Mr Basu and Anupam. And acting wise Mohini and Nivideti are good too +10 (yes yes complete with huge bindi and all)

For today’s episode the original ajeeb dastaan hai yeh is playing and a blushing Anurag is gradually accepting the “feeling” +5 (we need shubh things to happen before serial gods kill all chances of happy romance)


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  • Reply
    indrani robbins
    January 12, 2019 at 9:10 am

    hi rhea, that was fun. the marks for this and that… your version of trp. i don’t watch kzk 2, nor did i really follow the original one, but while i demolish lunch, the tv is on… sometimes i catch a glimpse of kasauti. ever since i saw the first red dupatta flying promos i have been in a bit of eyeroll state about this show.
    so, ekta run out of stories is it, i remember thinking. but she is a sharp one, she must have sensed there would be an audience for this including kzk 1 watchers and new viewers.
    my chawanni worth… erica is the big minus of the show. she’s wooden, and there’s no depth to her beauty. prerna somewhere signals beauty to me. shweta tiwari was really beautiful i used to think. she also had more intensity. all that red saree flying, and high pitched drama, needs that true getting into the moment thing i feel. shweta also had a tragic air which she seemed to own.
    hina khan as komolika lika lika heheh, yes, the girl deserves a break (aaaargh rishta). and she seems to be enjoying herself. though at some point, she will have to add a little range to her expressions, her swag wala walk, and yeah those long long isskirtwas. i must admit, i used to like watching the original komolika sometimes. i’d often wonder how any actor could wear so much nonsense, have a sound effect follow her around, be directed to overact like crazy, and still not make you want to turn off the tv the moment you saw her. i think urvashi dholakia had that mami factor… like utkarsha naik she got the bizarre role at its very nas. of course, komolika had to do far more chaotic stuff if i’m not wrong, she married the hero ji too, didn’t she? okay i totally do not understand the stories of ekta shows.
    mohini… oh overload. but tell me why so much angrejji in this show? because bongs? and v are like that only?
    also, can someone wear some nice looking jewellery. since there’s so much of it everywhere, would be nice if i could obsess over something.
    anurag. the actor seems quite sweet. an earnest air about him. the other day he was clinging onto a lipstick stain on his shirt and saying, i’ll keep you with me forever, safe, i won’t let you go, etc. it felt kind of creepy. what writing be this. and as you know, i like heroes who throw away pearls and refuse to keep anything “seene se lagake”.
    mohini’s husband and son in law seem nice.
    maybe i should watch a few episodes. though honestly, the ekta world writing and armada of colours on the screen, has me fearful and trembling.

    • Reply
      rhea sinha
      January 13, 2019 at 5:07 am

      okay indi di first things first. for a show you are not “watching” that is a lot of discussions. mind you am not complaining at all. now am super glad I wrote this. I actually went and added some points for husband and son-in-law I like them too. The guys are all quite natural which is refreshing (even when they are talking to lipsticks marks on shirts hahaha uff ye hindi serial)..

      You are right, the original is why, when someone said a new version was on, I came. I used to not like Anurag’s character at all in the original show but Rishabh Bajaj was way better. U remember he came in as the bad guy and became someone stronger that the hero? And yes original Prerna had this tragic almost untouched air. I found a couple of old episodes and watched. Things were so different and yet same. I liked Erica better in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke.. mami and komolika haha.. for some reason i really want hina to do well as komolika. so even you noticed she seems to be having fun with it.

      Well, man of the torn doris and throw away pearls is in complete denial of looks and talent. Till then am finally smitten by this other young man who I feel knows what he needs to do to make it big here. And does act well in those small moments of insight when he gets the audience and the actors around him.

      Please have lunch with tv on so we can talk more. And thank you for reading as always…

  • Reply
    indrani robbins
    January 13, 2019 at 10:17 am

    hahhaha, that first things first… what can i say, i look longingly at the screen as i have lunch, hoping suddenly everything will be thrust aside, the pixels will be punched hard and a dori snapper will burst through.
    didn’t really watch kzk either, but yes recall mr bajaj (he who shall be called that even by his own wife, ahahhah ekta k sets trend) appearing as baddie and turning into hero. anurag was weak. several people married several people, then married several other folks… my net take on kzk, and that floating red pallu.
    agree, hina khan hopefully will have a good time and erase akshara forever from her bahuriya burdened heart.
    i am totally supporting you re parth (he who speaketh lovingly to lipstick stain). and if you notice anyone who can take your old friend’s mind off scruffy puffy heroes, please to let me know.

  • Reply
    February 5, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    Ha ha, Rhea. Nice pointers and nice scoring of the pointers. I’ve stayed away from the current version. My disappointment in Hindi shows started with the debacle of the story line (or should I say brutal murder) of the original KZK. It starts beautiful, really beautiful, sucks you in and then bammm, disaster strikes, then another and then another, will send you spiralling. No KZK for me, I’m happy with IPK, even in rewind mode. All I can say is enjoy while the beauty lasts, just don’t keep any hopes. It’s a kasauti after all.
    Btw, I happened to glance at Hina Khan’s Komolika – KZK 2 repeat comes just before IPK rewind. Honestly, she is doing a good job. But, oh, Urvashi Dholakia’s Komolika is at a very different level. She practically owns it. Nekka, she is.
    Funny trivia – KZK 2’s Komolika, Hina Khan earlier played Akshara opposite Naitik, currently played by Vishal Singh. Now, way back in 1993, in Dekh Bhai Dekh, Vishal Singh played the role of the teenage boy Sanju whose girlfriend was Shilpa, played by a teenage girl named Urvashi Dholakia, who later on played Komolika in KZK. :-).

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