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I’m Not a Robot

i am not a robot review

Here is the verdict – If you haven’t watched Korean dramas yet, you are missing out on the simple pleasures of life. I’m not a Robot is heartwarming, fun and full of love. Major spoiler – It’s not really sci-fi. It took me a couple of episodes to warm up to Kim Min Kyu, our hero. Kim Min Kyu is rich and lonely. Literally lonely, since he suffers from a rare allergy. An allergy to people. He cannot come in physical…

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sand through my fingers

the desert has romance in it you can feel it in the silence catch in in your hands and watch it dance on the edge of the sunset where the dune meets the sky   the sand won’t be caught though it will fly through your fingers as you keep on trying for you don’t know better the sand will fly for i didn’t know better and the sand will soothe and the sand will play and in its happy…

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taj snapshot

  i must have been four when i saw the taj mahal. been back many times since then. i love the gardens, the fountains, the humongous entrance, the grace, the people looking expectant, taking funny pictures, the sange marmar… the white marble; finding out mumtaz mahal and shah jahan wasn’t exactly a fairytale romance didn’t spoil the fun (c’mon, he threw pearl necklaces at her in the meena bazaar, didn’t he… and if he didn’t, too bad for him). the…

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Festive Specials

The Call Of Love : A Short Story

the call of love a short story

There were bright glaring lights adorning both sides of the deserted road. Meera had her head slumped against the open side window. She could feel the cool night air ruffle her hair as the driver maneuvered the car slowly through the narrow road. Loud, jarring music notes blasted from the speakers that were mounted at every alternate wooden pillar along side the road. Meera’s eyes were glazed, not really registering the formations that her mother and dadi were exclaiming about…

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Espresso Shots Now Brewing

a winter afternoon : a story

she stood on the third floor balcony, looking out at nothing actually. it was a bright day, there was a faint chill in the air even though everyone said winter was over. anyway, winter this year had not been that cold, she thought distractedly, although shurjo had as always worn his wool cap from the first day of november. every year, sometime in the middle of october, he pulled out his two balaclavas and had them washed. one was dull…

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Espresso Shots

sunlight through the shutters : a short story

she hadn’t seen it coming, she hadn’t even slightly considered the possibility… not in a very long time, that is. how long had it been? olivia frowned abstractedly, sitting on the edge of the bed. her breath had a shiver in it as she inhaled, but she let her mind go back all the way to the first time she’d seen avi… abhik. he was in a printed navy shirt, it was snug around his wide shoulders and chest, he…

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Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet

the break of day : an asr khushi one shot

the night closed in around the white mercedes-benz suv as it shot through the empty after hours roads. there was a slight drizzle building up to something more falling lightly onto the asphalt, the large old trees, and the pretty landscaped circles of new delhi. dark windows sat behind high walls and rolling lawns, the rich part of town. he drove without seeing a thing, eyes fixed straight ahead, hands gripping the leather of the steering wheel, knuckles white, his…

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the man in the lift : chapter 1

celebrating the festival season with a brand new romance. enjoy the first sparks, back with more soon.    he was the most handsome man she’d ever seen. catherine was swearing under her breath, fuming, and anxiety struck as she ran into the lift. the roads had been pathetic, the taxi driver worse, she was almost ten minutes late and seth ji was a stickler for punctuality. of all things, she thought getting more agitated, this man who gave not a…

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My Favourite Moments in Poldark Season 1

favourite moments Poldark season 1

Finally succumbing to all the rave reviews by Poldark lovers, I watched Season 1 of the popular PBS show. The hero, Ross Poldark, played to perfection by Aiden Turner, is a Byronic fantasy come alive. Ross Poldark is complicated, scarred,  hot-tempered, passionate. The best part about him and the story are how unpredictable and dark situations and characters can get.   **Poldark Season 1 Spoilers Ahead **   Had to come here to write about my favourite moments in Poldark Season…

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bade bhaiyya ki dulhania was not what i thought it would be

the other afternoon, surfing channels looking for something to watch, i came upon a scene in bade bhaiyya ki dulhania that made me pause and watch. i honestly don’t remember what the scene was, but there was a silent intensity mixed with a beguiling amiability in the hero’s eyes, the heroine looked fey and was actually so, there was a mother on the upper floor of the house whose eyes were as eloquent as her son’s… the hero. there were…

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