Korean dramas are the cutest and what’s wrong with secretary Kim is a perfect example of a Korean drama. I loved the first half. The main lead is played to perfection by Park Seo Joon and the side characters are hilarious. The heroine played by Park Min Young is beautiful but her character was at times too formal and less touched by the hero’s overflowing attentions. The 2nd half got cringy sweet and predictable for my liking, but if you want feel-good happy romance, can’t beat What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

Young brilliant Vice President Lee Young Joon is a narcissistic boss who seems to only think of himself. Somehow instead of disliking his smug self-satisfaction, I found myself giggling happily at his arrogance and aura (you’ll know what I mean when you watch). Bulldozer and blockbuster… haha am not selecting these adjectives but Lee Young Joon is selecting these for himself.

His secretary has the reputation of being perfect for the demanding workaholic unsympathetic boss. Secretary Kim Mi So is so efficient and good to him that it comes as a complete shock to him when she equally calmly with poise and an easy smile gives in her resignation. Yup, that’s What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Contrary to popular appearance she really doesn’t like her job and wants to find time to enjoy her life. Again its all handled with humour that will have you helplessly rolling with laughter.

The hero’s best friend is beyond a doubt my favourite part of what’s wrong with Secretary Kim. The actor Kang Ki Young has phenomenal comic timing, great dialogues and his own secretary is the polar opposite of efficiency compared to Kim Mi So. The best friend has an uphill battle of trying to explain normalcy to the super-rich self-obsessed antisocial Lee Young Joon who for the very first time is head over heels in love with a person that is not his own self.

Always expect a bit of drama in kdrama. Here it’s about a kidnapping. Add childhood family conflicts to it. The child actors are surprisingly good! Anyway, don’t worry, things get resolved relatively easily and don’t needlessly stretch out.

I love how Asian tv shows (atleast the ones I have seen so far) have warm family and friend moments. Bonus points to the show if the friends are co-workers. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim has ample opportunity to showcase both.

There are a number of adorable side couples with their own happy endings. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim could be renamed office romance multiplied to the power n. Side couple number 1 has this over the top hero theme music. Side couple number 2 with the girl making a move on the workaholic guy ended up being almost as delightful as the lead romance between the Vice Chairman and his secretary. The show thrives on hilarity infused with sweetness.

Verdict: If you want to feel happy, enjoy cutesy romcom and are not looking for a deep storyline then What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is the show for you. 


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