If only I could be as complacent or in denial, whichever way you choose to look at it, as Calvin. I am not and it’s just one of those days when I would rather be more.

You know that person you long to be?
I have discovered you
You are part of me, my catalyst
An unexplored crevice inside
A pertinent voice that refuses to hide
Hard to catch within
Impossible to hold outside
You shimmer away
You fade apart
I long to be you, I write in jealousy
You are my dream, wish you were my reality
Incomparable in all you are
you fly with arms held wide
I try but fail to reach your side
Sit beside me and edify
I shall listen and learn
Inconsequential sliver of a being am I
While you are an inspiration to every eye
What would I not give to become you for a day
Free spirited unique in all that you do and say
Sanguine calm, eternal wisdom
Passion, burning embers of vision
I search in me
Inept disconsolate
Murmured whispers in my head
I dread
For all the noise I make
You speak none at all
Then how do you spur me into this free fall?



Calvin and Hobbes is the genius of Bill Waterson.