For starters, he gets the blueprint of a prison tattooed on his body, stages a bank robbery and lands up in that very prison to break out his wrongly accused brother. Meet Michael Scoffield, the hero of Prison Break.  The guy is genius structural engineer, with a knack for creative ideas in dire situations.

So, what’s Good about the guy?

  • Silly question, might as well ask what’s great about the guy.
  • Did I mention the genius part? I did. So, I’ll focus on the resourceful, unshakable, calm and quick disposition. When I say resourceful, I mean, this guy can build a miniature Taj Mahal or a bomb out of nothing, as the need of the hour dictates.
  • Sensible. Err .. he does get himself sent to prison so he can break his brother out, but all of the first season you see his eye for detail and inimitable planning skills. He has a backup plan and in some cases a backup for the backup for the backup. In fact, he plans for everything; even the things he didn’t plan for.
  • He makes origami swans… To woo the girl? Michael thinks big. The swans might chart his way into her heart, but they also chart his way out of prison.
  • Not just one, he manages to stage 3 prison break outs. Given, a few people die each time, but trust me when I say those deaths are easy to overlook when you are caught up in the rush of a brilliant escape plan.
  • He is willing to die for the girl he loves. And, they don’t spend time talking about their love much. It’s just love.. in the middle of running around trying to stay ahead of the FBI, bad guys, more evil bad guys and the omnipresent members of a cabal, called the Company.
  • Fiercely loyal towards his brother. I might actually write another post about the big brother, Lincoln Burrows, just because he is great as well. The hot headed big brother and ingenious younger brother, form quite the entertaining duo.
  • He doesn’t waste time talking, he believes in doing.
  • Michael is the brooding, strong, silent kind of a hero. Pursed lips, that break into a smile sometimes. And the actor looks good too, even in the setting of gruesome killers and unappealing prisons.
  • With him around, all the good guys and the viewers know they will end up free and safe.


He sounds too good to be true. What are you not telling me about him?

  • Okay, I admit, his no killing rule gets pretty irritating by the third season. It is downright dumb by the fourth.
  • Not entirely his fault, but the entire fourth season of the show is a never ending chase that relies on highly unlikely and senseless coincidences.
  • Michael suffers from the hero’s complex. He has to save everyone. Maybe, this point should move over to the what’s good section?
  • He does have a closed face, not much expressions. I call that being in character, you might tag that as the actor’s (Wentworth Miller) lack of acting ability.
  • He is the hero in a show where you need to keep your eyes closed a couple of times. My eye close moments include a clipped off toe in season 1 and a ripped off arm  by season 2.


Have you seen prison break? Did you go a bit crazy over the hero? Tell me.


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