I am sure all of us at some point or the other have dreamed of having some super human power, however, the harsh truth sucks! We are simple human beings and that’s all we are gonna be. But then we have these fictitious heroes to look up to! Amongst all those, Flash is one of my favourites! Speed is indeed an awesome super power to have [after invisibility and teleportation, my personal favourites! Sigh! ] The CW Network sitcom based on this superhuman is superbly interesting and exciting. Every episode of season 1 was a fight between the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. With The Flash trying to take down each meta human of Central City, one at a time, with the help of his awesome team. This show has a lot to offer to everyone. Obviously you are going to be an addict if you are a fan of the impossible, but along with that, there is romance, friendship, humanity, family, betrayal, all tied together into a 40 minute episode every week.

If you still haven’t seen this show, I seriously recommend you to!

And for those who have, they already know that season 1 had the most perfect end possible, making the wait for season 2 tougher than we thought. So, read on to relive the finale one more time!



All season long ,The Flash has been building up a mixed bag of emotions and relationships, trying to find the answer to one simple question- Who killed Barry’s mother and why? And when will he get justice for his family? All of this came to a fantastic end in the season finale, where Barry finally outran time and defeated The Reverse Flash, leaving goosebumps all over our body!

Barry as FlashThe episode started just like any other day at Star Labs, where the team tries to help Barry decide if he should take up Dr. Well’s offer of running back to the past to save his mother. An obvious decision you would say, but when has anything been easy in Barry’s life? He is faced with the toughest choice to make, coz on one hand is his chance to reunite the Allen family but on the other, he might open the doors to a global catastrophe if he doesn’t run fast enough, faster than he ever has!

As it always is inThe Flash, the excitement of the episode rises at a lightning speed from 0 to 100, and the final 15 minutes or so towards the end leave u without nails on your hands. From seeing one Flash per episode, seeing two Flash and 3 Barry(s) in this one was definitely a treat!

Every character had an important role to play with a slight peek into their future. Caitlen and Ronnie get married; Cisco too might be a kickass meta-human but the greatest was Eddie saving the day, he was the single most important variable needed to put this chaos to rest. Because he was something which no science can ever explain- ‘the coincidence’! Erasing Eobard Thawne from existence opened up a lot of ambiguity and a lot more questions than before, whose answers hopefully lie in season 2.

So, Run Barry Run! Run fast enough to the next season! download



Pic credit CW.