I guess it was Clark Kent who introduced me to this amazing world of Superheroes and as they say, the rest is history. Don’t know exactly what attracted me most about Superman. Was it his boy next door looks (the guy who plays Kent in Smallville), his simplicity or that he reminded me of my best friend. Whatever it was, the love for the impossible did not stop there.

All of the gang- Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, soon decided to add a little colour to my life and I kept getting sucked in deeper and deepesuperr. And in no time, I found myself discussing all sorts of crazy things with my friends- which super power you wish you had, who is your favourite superhero, which sidekick you love or hate the most, followed by bunch of technical questions!

I rarely find people who share the same craze as me and that’s when the internet comes to my rescue. I spend hours and hours on YouTube and several fan sites trying to find answers to questions I never knew I had.

My latest crush is Barry Allen, aka The Flash! Oh God, what killer cute boy looks and an even more amazing heart. Guys like Barry make you believe in friendship, in love and of course in the impossible! Kara Barry as FlashDanvers, i.e. Supergirl is one of my other favourites, though I feel she has the potential to achieve a lot more, and is often under – appreciated.

So what is it about these superheroes that make me so passionate about them? I used to think that it’s the fantasy which draws me to them, but recently I figured out my love has a deeper meaning. They all live for others; they all want to make the world a better place. They sacrifice a fair bit along the way, but are able to look past it and live for others. And when you see it in this light, you realize that it’s not their powers which make them who they are, it’s what they choose to do with these powers that define them. The powers just bring out the best in them and then they just follow their heart!

I believe all of us have a little superhero in us too. We just don’t appreciate it enough coz of the lame excuses we give ourselves. We don’t really need a Batmobile to reach a person in need, or the ability to fly to be there for our loved ones. No doubt that these things add a coolness factor to our being, but I am sure we are cool enough just the way we are.

We just need to take that first step to help others and contribute meaningfully to the society we live in. Coz we might not have The Joker or Zoom to fight, but we definitely have enough evils in our world too, and one or two superheroes are not enough. We all need to come together, question what’s happening and then fight against it. And in my diary, even one good deed a day is a win! So let’s embrace the superhero in us and go all in!


Pic credit Google.