Once on a planet far far away
A tickled pink pony was galloping with sway
No one could tell why her heart’s gone astray
Tickity-tok, hippity-hop, she ignored all in the way

She crossed the grassland, she crossed the plain
A drink in the river and she galloped again
No one could stop her, they tried but in vain
Tickity-tok, hippity-hop, she stuck to her lane

She reached the l’ll hill and started to climb
There was just a l’ll thing that was stuck in her mind
Happiness out of bounds, but she tried to look fine
Tickity-tok, hippity-hop, she left others far behind

She reached the hill top and waited eagerly
‘Twas still very early, the stars she could see
But a little light she noticed behind the faraway tree
Tickity-tok, hippity-hop, she pranced about with glee

She watched the sun rise, no longer was it hidden
Sunlight spread far and wide, the delight was a given
Her friends now knew why she seemed so driven
Tickity-tok, hippity-hop, a New Year has begun.


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.