This is a simple story about a father and his daughter and their own sweet little world. A world where women equality is not something that needs to be discussed so much. It is something as obvious as breathing, yet so complicated for the world to do it right. A world where a father does not want his daughter to get married because he believes that women are made for better things and not just for cooking in the day, and having sex in the night! And yet he knows that his daughter has needs and therefore it’s perfectly acceptable if she isn’t a virgin. He feels women have low IQ because they give up their own life and dreams after marriage and doesn’t want that kind of life for his daughter. This fresh thought binds the movie together!

piku 2The daughter on the other hand cares only and only for her father. Places him above all, even above her own dreams and freedom. She lives only to tolerate his tantrums with the sweetest smile on her face. She worries for him, gets irritated with him but loves him beyond limits. She wants to marry but only to someone who is ready to adopt this 70 year old son of hers!

This story tells you how life is made up of small moments of happiness, like cycling through the city, helping an acquaintance in need, loving your childhood home, your roots & culture and above all, being able to shit to your heart’s content! It is a story about being selfish and being selfless at the same time, a story about a woman’s many roles towards her father and about a man’s desire to finally bid goodbye to this chaotic world in peace.

Piku is a movie with a strong message expressed as subtly as possible. Amidst the noise of constant flushing, try to hear what’s unsaid, coz even without any obvious romance, this movie is bound to make your heart melt 🙂


Picture Credit Google.