Nervous about starting something new? Feeling lonely, uninspired or just bored? Our recommendation for the weekend watch is a charming movie that I find never fails to make my heart go warm and fuzzy. Even better, it also makes my mind feel abuzz with inspiration and conviction.

Dare to dream. Find out time from your hectic life to love freely, deeply and completely. There is no harm in doing what you enjoy, but whatever you do, do not merely drift in a directionless sea. Live your life to the fullest and that means live every single minute of it.

Ayan Mukerjee, the director, was all of 26 when he made his first movie. I recollect watching an interview where the lead actor, Ranbir Kapoor, said, Ayan basically made him redo everything initally, insisting he was spoiling the feel of Sid. Finally, Ranbir tapped into the feeling of youth and understood Sid.

Am glad he did because the result is a feel good, coming of age, film, that is smart, sensible and sensitive. Not just the central characters, but small moments, the mother, the friends, even the servant boy are all crafted with utmost care and  feel real.

Wake up Sid is about the happiness and satusfaction you experience when you work hard at what you love and get to share your life with the one you love.. It’s not only waking up, but as Swami Vivekanand might say.. It is an awakening..

**Warning spoilers Ahead**


The two met on her first evening in Mumbai. He mentioned the Mumbai rain is his favourite and there is a special spot to view it.. They became flatmates, office colleagues, friends, had a fight and then the monsoon burst..

He was awful at studies.. had no vision or direction in life. Left his doting mother, loving but strict father and his home. All to find out photography was his true calling.. He received his first paycheck the previous day and today the magazine he works for has a picture taken by him.. a whole page to what he wished to capture.. his moment of eternity..

She wanted to be a writer.. The voice over reads out her first article in the very same magazine.. She tore away her article the night before the submission deadline and started writing again..

What could she write about a city so much had already been written about.. What made it different? Her new found independence? Her exciting new job? The answer right in front of her nose.. someone she met her first day in this new city.. roommate, companion, friend.. who made her days brighter.. and those dark moments less lonelier.. In the rush of life we forget what is that special feeling that makes us and our life’s more special.. take out time and find out what makes you happy..

And yes he did reach her as the very first monsoon rain showered pearls of happiness in each droplet that drenched the city..


Picture Credit Google.

Video Credit UTV.