**spoiler warning**

After the refreshing Tanu Weds Manu, its sequel did not impress me much. Kangana Ranaut, as the protagonist, has undoubtedly done a tremendous job, especialy in her Haryanvi avatar. However, the story lacks substance. It’s one of those confused love stories where the actors have no clue why they hate each other to begin with and how suddenly, without any reason at all, they fall back in love. I understand that you don’t need a reason to love someone, but then why did u fall out of love in the first place? How will things be different this time around? How come a third person is always needed to make you realize that you are in love?

tanu weds manu returns movie review

The first Tanu Weds Manu

Anyways, the movie starts off by showing how the couple cannot stand each other  and ends with the couple in love again. Pretty predictable right!? The whole middle section of the movie, according to me, is a wasteful attempt to achieve this, ‘happily ever after’ end.  Madhavan’s character has no charm and I failed to understand why two dabang type girls would even want to be with him. Jimmy Shergil’s character, with although less screen time, still manages to leave a mark.

The only positive feelings I have about this movie are towards Kangana and her Haryanvi. She is superbly natural at it, and as expected, has acted amazingly well. Her Haryanvi character is strong, independent and has tried to question few of the traditional malpractices of the community. However, the story wasn’t good enough for her.

I feel the makers of the movie were so overwhelmed with Kangana that they did not give much thought to the story. She alone carried this poorly written story on her shoulders and with great sorrow I hate to say that inspite of delivering a brilliant performance, she wasn’t able to save this sinking ship. However, if you just want to pass your time and enjoy the comfortable chairs and the air conditioner of the cinema theatre, then you can go for it!

Or better still, skip this one,and go watch the first Tanu Weds Manu which is simply elevating and sweet cinema all the way.