This is a story of a famous and a highly loved dance troupe that suddenly faces failure, tries hard to gain back its reputation and eventually succeeds! But trust me, the journey to regain their lost glory is not at all heroic! This movie fails at so many places that it’s not even funny! 2 and a half hours of non-stop torture! Very poorly acted and directed! Inspite of casting fresh talent (Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor) and inspite of their cute looks, this movie could not hold upto the expectations of fans.

No doubt you are going to clap and whistle during all dance sequences, but then again you will yawn and try to keep your eyes open during the rest of it! At one point you start wondering if they actually wanted to be bad at acting or knowingly wrote such a stale script. Just like any other Bollywood movie, this too has all possible clichés like an international event, childish brawls with the firangs, friends who end up loving each other when a third comes in between them, an unwanted and an unnecessary patriotic climax, blah blah (you get the point right)!! The makers of the movie tried hard to create an Indian version of Step Up, but focused all their energy only on the choreography!

Then again, this movie is racing fast towards the 100 crore club, so if you are one of those who enjoys a movie in bits and pieces, then go for it. But for those who enjoy the entire package, I seriously recommend you to skip this and watch dance videos on YouTube!