it’s a beautiful song. her voice is mellow and smooth and has a reach in it. it calls without being maudlin.

i don’t understand a word of it, but this morning i heard it in a loop. a story of love, of the sycamore and the rose and na na nay.

a young and lovely turkish actress called fahriye evcen sings the song. i get the feeling, it’s an old lyric, a love song that’s close to the heart. there are others who’ve sung it i see. there’s not much else i can find about  a sycamore in the garden, which makes me happy almost. there seems to be too much information all around us.

we always love to understand everything. we insist on understanding. at times i wonder, if it isn’t better sometimes not to understand, not to examine keenly and pick out every little bit of something and decipher it.

i met a very interesting turkish girl recently. we met online as we are both serious fans of a hindi show on tv. she doesn’t really understand hindi, but she watches anyway. she speaks to me about all sorts of things, the azeri language, the changing political scenario of her land, she sends me poetry. this morning she sent me a few songs. and thanks to her, i heard bahceda yesil cinar.

cinar… that sounds familiar. don’t we call sycamore chinar in hindi? there’s always something similar…

when i hear the song, i am reminded of the celtic sound of enya at times. i think of forests, oceans, soul, something pure. that’s all i can tell you about the song.

do listen, i hope you enjoy it.


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