Someone decided today’s is best friends day.. We wish you celebrate friendship every day.. Reposting..

I must write
For I must capture this feeling
Will it do, to put it on blog?
While my head is still reeling..
Shall what I put in words,
Typed with my hand shaking
Make sense to me
When I re-read it in the morning?
The strong sweet memory,
Of friendship and night long talking.
A decade has passed since we met
And yet, in happiness, my heart is gushing.

Have you had that one friend who seemed to always understand exactly what you wanted to say? A person you might have known all your life or just met once in a while. You might have had never ending conversations or exchanged but a few words.

It could have been days of discussions on random topics or that one never ending coffee as you stayed up together supposedly studying for the exam the coming day. You might have giggled over something silly or raged and ranted about a calamity. Maybe played a chess game or watched in comfortable silence a lecture on what exactly is economics. Did you fight the big bad bully together or sneak out and meet up in secret? Then directly after returning home call him on his phone.

How about someone who liked the same song as you? Or maybe you met in college and were from the same city. Were you back benchers together or freshers at your very first job? Someone who would sit hours listening to you talk or someone who preferred to be as lazy as you. The evening wore out as did the bean bags you remained lounged in. Maybe he was as bored at a party as you, till you started to talk and did not want the evening to end. Perhaps, you met while dropping your kids off to school, and she knew the most tempting of recipes of the South Indian dish you wanted to try making.

It doesn’t matter that you still wore your hair in plaits when you last saw her. It doesn’t matter that you might have moved out of that colony while he still hangs around those kirana stores whistling at girls on the topmost floors. That the concept of whatsapp was not invented when you last spoke. Nor does it matter that the things you spoke about are driven away from your mind by the everyday noise that engulfs us.

There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.” – Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone

What matters is the memory that can shove away all the worries. A simple name that is enough for your shoulders to shrug the burden they carry. For you to breathe in deeply. For you to relax and indulge in history. To catch hold of whoever is ready to listen or you find around you and reminisce of times and tales that remain imprinted in your heart.

We live in a world surrounded by means of communication. Phones are mobile, right in our purses and pockets. Emails follow us around. We know what five hundred of our friends are doing at any given moment thanks to facebook. People you have never met, and highly likely are never going to meet up with, are essential part of your daily lives as their number beeps on a whatsapp group. However, columnists never tire laying stress on how isolated human beings have become in their busy crazy lives.

Here is what I did today. I used one of this technology to contact a friend I haven’t met in a decade. End result, I felt like bursting into poetry. Of which a poor sample is above.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Technology can bring everyone closer, but the key is to open your heart and let it flood with the feeling. Allow it to sparkle inside and warm you. The feeling that you had when you spent time with a friend.

And now as you reach this last sentence go type on a keyboard or touch your phone screen and get in touch with such a person. That peculiar friend whose thought is enough to make you smile or the crazy group of friends that you haven’t met in while. Talk a bit of nonsense or enjoy the silence. Speak of all the myriad of tensions or enjoy moments that are carefree.

And if you end up writing poetry do share it with me..

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originally posted April 6 2015