Okay am late for the weekend recommendation, but that is because I was busy cheering at the new Avengers movie..

It’s all you can expect from a super hero flick.

This installment of the franchise saw Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, the mad scientists as they named themselves, try and build the new protector of the world. When has an AI invention gone as planned? Enter Ultron, intended savior turned destroyer.

These days all the super hero movies are too busy showing a fallible human like hero. Well if I wanted to see someone human then why would I be sitting in the hall watching something that originated from a comic book series? So, obviously I like my heroes pretty heroic.

Avengers solved that complaint for me. There were so many heroes that even if one or two battled through broken selves and indulged in some weak moments there were plenty more to cover for them.

The sets were fantastic. All shiny sci fi wonder world like. The graphics good as always. And this time around watching in 3-d did not give me a headache like it tends to. Either I have gotten used to it or the technology just got better.

Which brings me to what I enjoyed the most in the movie. It is usually the bad guys who outnumber the sole valiant hero. Not this time. New heroes joined the avengers band of men err super heroes and for once the bad guy was literally outnumbered.

Shield was back. Vision, the worthy humanoid, and many more new faces. The old ones were their same bickering enthusiastic avenging selves. Captain America as honorable as ever. Hawk Eye even more human this time round. Bruce Banner torn as ever. As hulk out of control and fantastic as ever. Black Widow lethal. Thor the greek eer Asgaurdian god with his special hammer.

Mid movie there was a fun sequence when each of the Avengers tries to lift the hammer. Only the worthy can lift it of course. Which leads to one of the best scenes of the film. If the hammer is left in an elevator and it rises  then the hammer goes with it.”The elevator is not worthy”.. well that settles it.

Coming to what didn’t work for me. The plot. They never do make much sense in such movies (except the Dark Knight Trilogy). And I did miss having a better menacing villain. Loki was mean, exciting and unpredictable. Ultron was a pale robot in comparison.

If not for anything, go to the movie to watch the trailers that accompany it. Batman vs Superman.. have to wait till 2016 for this one. And Star Wars will be back too.. Seeing Harrison Ford and Chewbacca and listening to the claps in the hall that followed.. I wished I knew how to whistle too.

If you are a super hero movie buff then don’t miss this, and if you aren’t maybe this is the one to start with. Enjoy a bit of avenging this weekend!