The thing with shows revolving around the lives of doctors, is that there is an abundance of such shows. There are only so many times you can scare the viewer with near death escapes, bring him close to tears with unexpected deaths or infuse in him a fervent hope. So, to hold on to the audience each show has something special, or atleast tries hard to give us something special.

In House, its the protagonist around whom the show revolves that ensures the viewer is hooked onto the show. Dr. Gregory House – The main reason I have had such a fabulous time watching the show. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching it just yet because you don’t have access, you may want to check out to see what deals you can snag.

Dr. Gregory House, was misdiagnosed some time in the past. Now, he walks with a limp and acute pain, that he tries to dull by constant medication. He is sarcastic, terse and unpleasant to everyone. Exactly the kind of doctor you want to stay away from in real life, but is fantastic to follow on screen.

He, along with his elite group of young doctors, work to diagnose obscure and often fatal diseases that elude the other mere mortal doctors. If you are like me (particularly ignorant of medical intricacies), then you will be amazed and perhaps a bit terrified at how diverse a range of symptoms can all be attributed to a tumorous growth in some tiny obscure corner of a human body. Luckily for the patients, House takes special relish in figuring out the most complex cases, even though he seems to have an active distaste of fellow human beings.

The creators modelled the character House on Sherlock Homes. The obvious play at the synonym for ‘home‘ is a giveaway, but so are the characteristics. House is neurotic, pedantic and a misfit in social situations, but he is undoubtedly a medical genius. He does not care about the patients as much as he cares about a correct diagnosis. As he declares repeatedly, medicine and not people is what interests him.

The writers try to keep the cases interesting, but sometimes you do have to suspend belief. I guess it just goes with the territory of tv soaps revolving around medicine..

Most of the other doctors on the show are interesting at times, but not something to write about separately. I do enjoy House and his long time friend, Dr. Wilson’s relationship. Calm and conventional Dr. Wilson is a perfect foil to House, just like Watson is to Homes.

House also outrageously flirts with and repeatedly defies the Dean of Medicine, Dr Cuddy. I haven’t seen the end, but I have a feeling there is a relationship on the cards for these two.

I have taken a break from watching the show after a couple of seasons, finding the story repetitive. However, whenever I have watched the show, I have been fascinated by Hugh Laurie’s flawless portrayal of this complex, disillusioned, brilliant man. I have a special love for intelligent characters on screen. So, House, with his dark broodiness and wry wit makes it to the close top of my list of favourite characters.

If you are looking for short bouts of intelligent company of an ill tempered genius, and a reminder of how lucky we all are to be alive, then an episode of House is the perfect home remedy for you.


Pic Credit Fox