An age old saying
Memory would often feed
Try and try
And you will succeed

I’ve often wondered
Whether it’s true
Many a time I believed
It’s solves many an issue

With every new trial
One gets to improve
With every failure
One learns something new

Trying again and again
Near the goal one gets
For it’s also said
Practise makes one perfect

So after several falls
One does learn to ride
After several trials
Rockets do reach the sky

However there’s a hitch
In this popular saying
Everything has a glitch
Never simple is the meaning

If for something good
Achievement will be high
If causing harm is the goal
Success will always backfire

But we live in a world
Where everything is confusing
Between good and bad
The lines are dwindling

Yet there is a hope
With belief in the good
And positivity in the heart
Our trials would surely bear fruit

* * *

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