Espresso Shots


the fan fell on pishima’s head on monday. everyone remembered it was a monday because shome was on a fast. pishima always made fresh shondesh for shome with cottage cheese and a little sugar when he fasted. she flavoured…

growing up shades of grey

Shades of Grey

The scene opens up to this rosy-cheeked vibrant little girl running from her governess, running away from rules, towards adventure. She watches her idols fight against the background of rising waters and soaring hills. What strikes me is the vibrant…


don’t drag me down to your controversy

don’t drag me down to your controversy lift your eyes toward the sky within you from here, stand by me and sense your dream your paradise, your most exalted soul what’s beauty if it won’t even take you there…

mortal instruments review

The Mortal Instruments

**Lots of spoilers but better to be prepared** I have invested so many days into this 6 book series, The Mortal Instruments, and have come out severely disappointed and angry at how wasteful the experience was. What is Good? Jace…


Change, the constant – A poem

They say change is constant So let there be some change It doesn’t happen in an instant It works at its own pace Keep the nostalgia, they’re priceless Discard the clutter, all worthless Redesign, repaint, bring in the freshness Introduce…


taj snapshot

  i must have been four when i saw the taj mahal. been back many times since then. i love the gardens, the fountains, the humongous entrance, the grace, the people looking expectant, taking funny pictures, the sange marmar……

durga ma sons
Mythology and More

Ma Durga’s Sons

Over the years the idols of Ma Durga and her children only get bigger and grander, or so it seems from where I sit (if am lucky to get a space, mostly I just stand and get shoved around)…

the call of love a short story
Festive Specials

The Call Of Love : A Short Story

There were bright glaring lights adorning both sides of the deserted road. Meera had her head slumped against the open side window. She could feel the cool night air ruffle her hair as the driver maneuvered the car slowly…