Precious Moments Poem
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Precious moments – A poem

A moment to breathe, a moment to relax Some moments come free, without any tax But they are surely earned, after days of toil Precious moments to stretch and let limbs uncoil Waste not these moments in frivolous acts…


sand through my fingers

the desert has romance in it you can feel it in the silence catch in in your hands and watch it dance on the edge of the sunset where the dune meets the sky   the sand won’t be…

namaste poem
Poetry Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

Namaste – A poem

Namaste, I salute the divine in you Namaste, I bow to the God in you For there’s a bit of Almighty in everyone Namaste, I greet the good in you Two hands join together – firm, yet gentle Straight…

Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

wednesday doodles

i’m zooming through space. social media space. social, that’s what it’s being referred to as these days i think. i’m rushing about on two separate machines, my desktop and my handphone. there’s no time to breathe or pause as…


if winter comes, can motorer kochuri be far behind

food is so much about memory, isn’t it? i can’t even hear the words “motorer kochuri” without thinking of my mother. my mother was not a great cook, in fact she was never too keen to visit the kitchen.…

new year resolution start of something new

Start of Something New

Write more. My new year resolution. Simple. Right? Or maybe I should take a resolution to keep life simple. Simple = Happy. Right? There is something about being in between. Walking home from your school bus stop. Driving to…


i want to pack up the night and

i want to pack up the night and take it with me… wrapped in its folds are stars and stories from afar afar and farther away, even farther than that, where where something of me lives, i’ve known of…


death of a heart throb

when exactly was it that the word handsome connected to something that actually existed in my world? when did handsome begin to have meaning? when did it leap out of fairy tale, and settle on a real human being?…