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Espresso Shots

the girl on the terrace

i am quietly freaking out right now. ever since yesterday, i’ve been thinking of a “ghost story” my mother told me years ago. i’ve been pondering whether to write it or not since the one i just posted about…

Spell under the Rainbow
aarwen Poetry

A spell under the Rainbow

This old wizened witch sat by the window Her black pointy hat had a wide gaping hole She was busy with her spell to steal a perfect rainbow. A croaking toad disturbed her evil reverie She squashed the busy spider…

durga Poetry

Life’s Perils – A poem

There’s something ’bout life’s perils They keep coming back, of course they will But each time, the roles are changed With much diversity, experience gained Treading on, on the path of hope Steering clear of the surrendering  slope A…

Festive Specials food indi

fish kochuri… a halloween recipe

i was sitting in front of my computer, working and completely absorbed, when it came out of nowhere and spooked me. i suddenly had to make fish kochuri. i don’t know how to make these delicious pastries with fish…


the man in the lift : chapter 1

celebrating the festival season with a brand new romance. enjoy the first sparks, back with more soon.    he was the most handsome man she’d ever seen. catherine was swearing under her breath, fuming, and anxiety struck as she…

Mythology and More

the dark one… and the night of lights

night descends. the lamps are ready with oil and wick. my heart is in my mouth. it’s bhoot chaturdashi. the ghost fourteenth day, if i translate literally. and tonight, unless we put fourteen diyas or oil lamps, or even…

mysterious and spooky.. the addams family

Mysterious and Spooky.. The Addams Family..

Historically Halloween or All Hallows Eve is the day dedicated to remembering the dead. I didn’t particularly feel like doing that, so I settled for trying to think of the scary movies I like. But, I don’t like horror…

Mythology and More


Diwali is the only festival that is celebrated with some enthusiasm in our family. Tam-Bram me, my GSB hubby and my two daughters, who actually grew up without knowing or following any religious rituals, look forward to festivals only…