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ankahi baatein hindi poem
durga Poetry

अनकही बातें (Ankahi baatein) – A Hindi poem

अनकही बातें कई तुमसे कहनी थीं पास आकर बैठो हाल-ए-दिल ज़रा सुनलो तुम्हें मालूम था परेशानी मेरी संभाला जब उलझी हुई थी सबर का बाँध टूट जाता गर साथ तुम्हारा तब ना होता ऐसे रखा खयाल मेरा जैसे हूँ…

I just choose not to intellectual conversation short story
Espresso Shots

I just choose not to… : A Short Story

They sat on the uncomfortable high chairs in the sprawling lobby of a busy downtown building. They didn’t notice the men in suits of varying shades of grey in even more varying price range walk by. Their eyes were…

clockwise book review


Clockwise is different. In an enjoyable unforeseen way. A young adult novel that is not about a dystopic world that needs shaking and saving is novel in the young adult genre. Clockwise steers clear of futuristic societies instead, bringing along…


the doormat that refused to be treated like one

This one might have been called, “how to ruin a perfect morning by insisting on seeing what one should have turned a blind eye to”, or “what do you mean the doormat won’t budge?”, or “who needs a gym…

best loved stories wind in the willow

My Best Loved Stories from The Wind in the Willows

I have hazy recollection of onscreen adaptations of The Wind in the Willows where furry rodents in warm fuzzy coats sat on wicker chairs in open grassy river banks. Kenneth Grahame’s book featuring talking animals, their friendships and a cozy natural habitat…


dangal has me flying in the air

it’s a beautiful film and i almost didn’t see it. of late, hindi films somehow don’t make contact. dangal took me down straight and left me a bit winded and giddily as well as deeply happy. deeply happy because…

bollywood love

Wherefore Art Thou Bollywood

This Uber driver counselled me today on the importance of having children. With a rather disconcerting directness, he asked me whether I was married. Then went on to inquire if I had kids, planned to have kids and then…

Now Brewing

That howling sound – When Vardah struck Chennai

It has been ten days since the Cyclone Vardah ravaged the city of Chennai and its surroundings, but the howling sound that it came with, still resounds in many an ear. Chennai had been having less than normal rainfall…

Why is Beyhadh worth a Watch?

Why is Beyhadh worth a Watch?

Sony Television’s new show Beyhadh gets better with each episode. The promos promised a show about a poor little rich girl who is obsessed over a guy. Not a Meera Bai kind of selfless devotion (that I personally love), but apparently…