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Why is Beyhadh worth a Watch?

Why is Beyhadh worth a Watch?

Sony Television’s new show Beyhadh gets better with each episode. The promos promised a show about a poor little rich girl who is obsessed over a guy. Not a Meera Bai kind of selfless devotion (that I personally love), but apparently…


the queue

you are green bamboo forests bending in the evening as i fear its creatures and shiver to its call you are the wide surging river, sand banks ever stretching the long bridge crosses and takes me to the other…

Espresso Shots

sunday tale

“i think,” said the frog, frowning wisely, “you start feeling freedom once you have lost something…” it paused and gazed up at the sun moodily, then added a final word with an air of authority, “forever.” the lavender swayed…

Espresso Shots

On A Jogging Day – A short story

It was early in the morning at 5.30, Nisha wore her jogging shoes, ready to jog around the apartment complex, a habit that she developed only since the last few months. She had begun jogging after purchasing a pair…

road to singapore

reindeer on orchard road

the lights are up. they’ve been up for a while now. it’s almost december and this is orchard road. how could the lights not be glittering along the 2.2 kilometres sacred to serious shoppers everywhere. i gaze around at…

durga Festive Specials food

Have you ever had Pesarattu Upma?

Pesarattu, it’s been a personal favourite since my childhood. Pesarattu is a dosa made from moong dal where pesara means moong and attu means dosa. Yes, that is what a dosa is called in the local regions of Andhra…

Ek RIshta Sajhedari Ka Review

Ek Rishta Sajhedari ka

When I heard there is a show by Sooraj Barjatiya production I had to watch. I used to love his grand big joint family sagas full of weddings, songs and dances.  All the teachings around the perfect home with a Ram like…

Espresso Shots

sunlight through the shutters : a short story

she hadn’t seen it coming, she hadn’t even slightly considered the possibility… not in a very long time, that is. how long had it been? olivia frowned abstractedly, sitting on the edge of the bed. her breath had a…

Golden Garden Parks Seattle
secrets of seattle

A Walk in Golden Gardens Park

In 1907 when most realtors were focused on the prospects of lands in Seattle downtown areas, millionaire Henry Whitney Treat discovered the potential of the Ballard waterfront. He named this settlement and nearby railways after his youngest daughter. Near the end…

road to singapore

a cemetery in kranji : road to singapore

a feeling i guess doesn’t lie. nor does grass gently rolling down the slope; nor do flowers by silent stones, nor stones standing in rows, saying things that i hope i heard. there was a watchfulness about the sky……